Artist brings recycled work to Ceiba

WATSONVILLE — To exemplify the rising problem of plastics in the ocean, Claudio Garzón uses the pollution itself as materials for his sculptures.

The Los Angeles-based artist visited Ceiba College Prep in Watsonville on Friday, showing the students in the school’s new environmental sociology class some of his work while also introducing them to his techniques.

From juice bottles to bike helmets and even a rotisserie chicken container from Costco, Garzón gathers the materials to create sculptures of sea creatures such as turtles, jellyfish and whales.

The only materials he buys are adhesives and paint to embellish the sculptures. The rest comes from donations or from scavenging.

“No two pieces are the same,” Garzón said. “It’s one of a kind.”

A few years ago, Garzón was commissioned by the Monterey Bay Aquarium to create an art piece that tells a story about plastic pollution in the ocean.

After months of work and planning, Garzón created a sea turtle out of a kiddie pool and two jellyfish crafted out of light fixtures.

The aquarium recently donated the work to Ceiba, and Principal Josh Ripp said it will be put on permanent display in the school.


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