Cold weather on the way

WATSONVILLE — Forecasters are being put to the test in predicting the weather over the next several days as shifting conditions have caught them off guard.

Initially, meteorologists said a series of wet weather systems were on the way and even as early as this weekend.

“But that changed and we’re looking at a very small amount of rain Saturday,” said meteorologist Brian Mejia. “We do expect some rain; it’s not really a strong system.”

Mejia said we can expect a break on Monday with the possibility of a few isolated showers; otherwise it will be sunny and mild.

“On Tuesday the front side of another weather system looks like it will bring showers on the first half of Tuesday,” Mejia said.

He added that since the system is from the Gulf of Alaska it will usher in colder temperatures.

"On Wednesday it does appear that the core of that weather system will come in with heavier amounts of rain,” Mejia said. “The greatest amount of rain will come Wednesday afternoon and into the night.”

Mejia said Thursday could also have rain on and off, with showers that spill into Friday.

As the week progresses, “Expect much colder conditions,” Mejia said.


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