Letter to the Editor, May 24, 2019

Navigator to the rescue!

To the Editor,

In response to your cartoon of the navigator pirate ship sinking, it should have been a Navigator Red Cross Ship rescuing hundreds of children from poor educators who continue using the same old lesson plans that they know are not successful. Those of you who think this charter school is not doing a good job should visit Hollister Prep and Gilroy Prep. They are even setting up a tracking system to make sure their students are still successful in high school. What is PV School District doing to make sure their students can read and do math at grade level and are continuing to be successful? You are unwilling to view this charter school with an open mind and maybe even learn something from their success. Change your lesson plans!

Guess you think you are not paid enough or is it too much work? Where is the energy and enthusiasm that you had as new teachers? Navigators to the rescue! Navigator students stay a little later and do their homework. They then have no worries about the dog eating their homework or that they might forget it the next morning. They can go home to play and maybe help mom and dad learn English. They can do this because they are already learning English and are bilingual in a short period of time at Navigator Schools.

Karen Mendonca



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