Letters to the Editor, Aug. 2, 2019

Incident at Gilroy Garlic festival

To the Editor,

Here’s another example of people intending to get together peacefully as a community and trying to put forth honest efforts to earn an honest living. This includes the media reporting the truth to the best of their knowledge. How unfortunate to have something beyond their control, spoiling the best of so many well-intentioned.

Our present “leader,” not a believer in ethical behavior and trying to keep his base of followers, will probably blow it off. Someone only interested in obsessively building up his own excessive stack of money, money, money through whatever means possible, wouldn’t appreciate those earning a living the “hard” way.

Gun control—when we ever learn? Money influences more than common sense.

— Bob Fifield, Aptos

Pajaro’s new hemp program

To the Editor,

The industrial hemp pilot program is a bad idea for Pajaro.  Hemp contains a psychoactive component that, I believe, will have a negative effect on the residents of Pajaro as these airborne odors, from the hemp, begin to fill the air in bird town.  Bad, bad.  The impact on children who are still developing and on the elderly needs to be seriously taken into consideration. Well, I suppose I will have to roll up my windows and hold my breath the next time I am driving in the little town. Well, not really, but I will be praying for green lights.      

—Mike Bobeda, Watsonville


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