Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7

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Great experience at Watsonville DMV

To the Editor,

Way to go Watsonville DMV!

I had an appointment to have my driver’s license renewed earlier in November, and chose Watsonville DMV as my office of choice. Never have I made a better decision in my life.

Living in Aptos, I could have chosen the Capitola office, but for reasons I don’t need to go into here, I chose Watsonville.

The Watsonville DMV employees were courteous, knowledgeable and made it a pleasure getting though this sometimes onerous task of doing business with the DMV. I now have a new license, complete with the “real” ID designation. The whole process took about an hour. 

I recommend getting an appointment at www.dmv.com, and choosing Watsonville’s DMV office.

Paul Elerick



Find out who your representative works for

To the Editor,

As you may know, our tax money is paying for six wars: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and Yemen. We have more than 800 military installations in foreign countries, and we spend more on “defense” than the next seven countries combined.

Apparently that’s not enough, because our Representative in Congress, Jimmy Panetta (CA20) voted to approve the National Defense Authorization Act, which guides the 2019 “defense” budget. That budget will receive an extra $160 billion over two years. That’s a lot of health care or pothole repair.

It’s probably just a coincidence, but according to the Federal Elections Commission website, Mr. Panetta takes corporate donations from the following (military/industrial complex) “defense” contractors: General Dynamics, General Electric, Honeywell, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

Check out the FEC website to find out who your representative works for: tinyurl.com/yac88696.

Don Eggleston



Ode to Jeannette Willoughby

When I stop and think of the years out of sight.

A life time of friendship I say with delight.

First, the tennis rallying we went,

Then on to Rio where new friends we met.

Thirty years we played and were able to last,

Now tennis is just a thing of the past.

So off to UCSC to polish our minds,

Some classes were fun and some funny kind.

Then we needed to keep a spring in our step,

So we took up walking so we would have more pep.

We found the levee and then the beach.

When we encountered the rat and then the snake,

it put walking out of our reach.

Time has taken a toll on our bones,

So off to the gym we have gone to atone.

As two little old ladies don't count us out.

With our orthopedic shoes

We are still out and about.

Sue Friend



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