Letters to the Editor, July 12, 2019

Can we unite around a common goal

To the Editor,

I was proud to march with Regeneración in the Spirit of Watsonville Fourth of July Parade. We envision a community that has achieved Climate Justice so all can thrive in harmony with the natural world. As the first Director and one of the founders of Regeneración - Pajaro Valley Climate Action, I remain energized by our community’s response to our call to action since forming as an organization in 2016.

With but a few years left in which to swiftly cut greenhouse gas emissions and prevent complete climate catastrophe, it’s imperative that people understand the magnitude of this unfolding crisis and unite to respond. I truly believe everyone is interested in protecting life for themselves and future generations. Can we unite around this common goal?

Regeneración formed as an all-volunteer organization determined to bring the climate emergency to the attention of our community. We have been fortunate to receive funding that has helped to stabilize our organization and grow to the point where we can no longer rely primarily on volunteer power.

We invite our whole community to stand with Regeneración and expand our capacity to develop the leadership needed for a Just Transition to a society powered by renewable energy that protects all life.

What we ask now of those who want to stand in solidarity with us:

• Contribute money — consider donating $1 or more per week as a token payment of rent for your Earth Home

• Join our team of Ambassadors who are sharing our new info-graphic to spread the word in personal networks about the climate emergency and local solutions we can all implement

• Follow us on Facebook (@regenerationpajarovalley), Instagram (regenerationpv) and visit our website (www.regenerationpajarovalley.org) to learn more and join our e-news list.  

• Stay tuned: We are setting up our first office at Plaza Vigil and will be hosting open houses this fall as well as scheduling regular volunteer orientation meetings.

• Face reality — no other species is going to step up and save us. We humans who are alive today can and must do what’s needed to protect life on the only planet known to be livable in the universe!

Nancy Faulstich

Director of Regeneración - Pajaro Valley Climate Action


Life is all about learning to behave in a mature way

To the Editor,

I read about the three people who were shot at a home on the 600 block of Rodriguez Street. The victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment and one of the victims required surgery. The gunman was armed with a handgun when he confronted one of the victims and he is now facing attempted murder charges. You know, life is all about learning to behave in a mature way and learning to be respectful toward others, even when we have strong differences of opinion. Unfortunately, many people in society never grow up and they never learn to maintain control over their emotions, especially anger. Well, the gunman is a childish young man who has a lot to learn about what it means to be a real man.

Mike Bobeda



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