Letters to the Editor, May 31, 2019

Helping the Pajaro community

To the Editor,

In 2014 the Monterey County Redevelopment Agency developed a five-acre park that has become a place of recreation in the impoverished community of Pajaro. The Park was subsequently deeded to a community services district that primarily provides water. The district decided that the park would not be supported by taxes on the community or its ratepayers. It now finds itself struggling to fund maintenance and replacement of infrastructure, as it is wearing out due to the success of the park.  

Santa Cruz Naturals now operates a marijuana dispensary in Pajaro, roughly two blocks from the park. It would seem appropriate to repatriate the new found tax revenues generated by the sale of cannabis products to fund the Pajaro Park. The park is a safe place of recreation in a severely disadvantaged community.  

Steve Snodgrass

Royal Oaks


Government by the inept

To the Editor,

Fellow customers of the Soquel Creek Water District, The Board of Directors and Personnel of the District are engaged in a project to combat the intrusion of salt water into the Purisima Aquifer, currently our almost exclusive source of drinking water. There are a number of questionable aspects related to this project in which they have already invested a substantial amount of money.

I am referring to the Clean Water Soquel Project, which will produce treated water to inject into the aquifer to halt the intrusion of ocean water. The source of this water is highly questionable as it is to come from the treatment of sewage, a word they seldom use when discussing the project in which they will be producing water that is anything but clean.

It has long been known that it is impossible for sewage treatment to remove all the contaminants people flush down their toilets, particularly prescribed and other drugs. A recent study at the University of Southern California found that sewage treatment plants produce an antibiotic DBA fluid that could negate the effectiveness of certain drugs, unquestionably a dangerous situation.

It is difficult for me to understand the motivation of these folks. To begin with, we do not own the aquifer. And we are not the only ones who depend on it for their water supply. How can they think they have the right to contaminate it?

The District recently notified us of its intent to raise rates, referring several times to the need to develop a supplemental water supply. It mentioned Pure Water Soquel project, but nowhere the word sewage. They required 50 percent +1 of us to object, in writing. I believe that requirement to be upside down. To be fair, they should be required to get 50 percent +1 of everyone using the aquifer to approve their shenanigans.

Thomas Stumbaugh



Deeply moved by motion

To the Editor,

I was deeply moved by “Fluid Motion,” a print made from an oil on canvas painting by Janet Ferraro (RP Arts & Culture Section, May 24-30, 2019 – Page C1). Her unique ability in showing the horse’s forward movement and her use of vivid, contrasted colors is stunningly beautiful!    

Mike Bobeda




To the Editor,

Democracy only works when our representatives know how their constituents feel, and elections are not the only way you can express your opinion. If you, like me, are concerned about the political chaos in Washington, please take 10 minutes a week to call your Members of Congress.

In our case, that would be Jimmy Panetta, Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris. The Register-Pajaronian regularly posts their phone numbers. There is a group at 5calls.org that makes the process simple by providing the background on critical issues. This week’s issue was impeachment, and Jimmy Panetta’s office had only received one call about the “I-word” by 4 p.m. If you have an opinion about impeachment, I encourage you to call our Members of Congress. 

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Don Eggleston



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