Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4: Attempt to remove rail line is misguided

Attempt to remove rail line is misguided

To the Editor,

In regard to Greenway’s recent presentation in downtown Watsonville, it was a quest to push their misguided anti-rail agenda to a mostly uninformed and apathetic populace.

The elitist membership of Greenway advocates the removal of the historic Santa Cruz Branch railroad line and replace it with a bicycle and pedestrian trail. Doing so would eliminate a vital transportation link that is needed for future intercity passenger and commuter rail. Ask yourself, do you want to commute from Watsonville to Santa Cruz in the rain on a bike?

Currently, except for the Greyhound bus or personal vehicle, there is no link to the outside world from Watsonville. The Santa Cruz rail line would provide that.

Greenway must be rebuffed in their attempts to remove the rail line. It doesn’t make sense at all!

Gary V. Plomp



Thanks to Teen Challenge

To the Editor,

We just wanted to express our thanks and appreciation to Teen Challenge for the exemplary job they have done the last four years, and are still doing, at the Salvation Army by overseeing the housing and the Winter Shelter and Feeding Program for the homeless and those in need in the Watsonville community. We have been privileged to be a part of the winter feeding program for close to 25 years through the First United Methodist Church and have been the Saturday night coordinators for the last 10-plus years. The young men we came in contact with, in the Teen Challenge program, were courteous, helpful, appreciative, respectful of the clients and always showed compassion. We simply cannot say enough nice things about our experience with them. What a blessing you are and continue to be in our community.

Fred and AR Pointer


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