Ocean Speedway: Dominic Scelzi wins the Pombo-Sargent Classic

Dominic Scelzi, left, won the Pombo-Sargent Classic Sprint Car race on Friday night at Ocean Speedway. (Juan Reyes — Register-Pajaronian)

WATSONVILLE — Dominic Scelzi won the NARC/King Of The West Fujitsu Winged 410 Sprint Car main event Friday night in front of dozens of fans at Ocean Speedway.

The 30-lap race was also the 33rd Annual Pombo-Sargent Classic, which pays tribute to two of the greatest Super Modified racers of all time.

Scelzi, who was driving the Roth Motorsports entry, started back in the sixth position.

Mitchell Faccinto outran Willie Croft to win the six-lap Trophy Dash, putting the duo on the front row for the race.  

Croft charged into the lead at the drop of the green flag ahead of Faccinto and Chase Johnson.

Johnson's run ended on lap eight, while Scelzi was up to third on the restart.

Scelzi slipped past Faccinto for second on lap 14 and set his sights on Croft.

On lap 23, Scelzi made his winning pass and led the remaining laps for the victory. Ryan Bernal and Colby Copeland also got past Croft, who placed fourth.

Bud Kaeding placed fifth followed by DJ Netto, Shane Golobic, Geoff Ensign, Kurt Nelson and Sean Watts.

During the qualifying round, Scelzi bested the field of 20 drivers on the quarter-mile clay oval with a lap in 11.520 seconds, while Johnson had the second best at 11.525.

The drivers ran three ten-lap qualifying heats as Bernal won the first race ahead of Scelzi, while Netto out-dueled Johnson to win the second heat. The final heat race win went to Watts ahead of Croft.

Dominic Scelzi, third from left, won the Pombo-Sargent Classic Sprint Car race on Friday night at Ocean Speedway. (contributed by M&M Photos)


IMCA MODIFIED >> Troy Foulger outdueled Nick DeCarlo near the end to win the 25-lap IMCA Modified main event.

Foulger, who recently won the Ed Parker Memorial race at Merced Speedway, is the point leader at Merced driving in the Bill Bowers owned Modified car.

Without a point average, Foulger started back in 14th spot in the main event. DeCarlo, who’s a past Watsonville champion, led early ahead of Todd Hermosillo.

Hermosillo put the moves on DeCarlo for the lead on lap nine. Foulger was flying in the race and was already in third place by lap 12.

Foulger grabbed second from DeCarlo on lap 17 and he passed Hermosillo to take the lead on lap 19.

Foulger led the rest of the way to win, followed by DeCarlo, Jim Pettit II, Austin Burke, Jeff Decker, Cody Burke, Robert Marsh, Hermosillo, Copeland and James Alaga.

The 21 car field ran three eight-lap heat races with wins going to Bobby Hogge IV, Brian Cass and DeCarlo.


OCEAN MIDGETS >> David Prickett picked up his third win of the season in the 15-lap Ocean Midgets main event. Prickett, who’s the current point leader, settled into second place on lap five, while Randi Pankratz took the lead at the start.

Prickett hounded Pankratz until making the winning pass on lap 13. Prickett went on for the victory ahead of Pankratz.

Keonni Texeira placed third, followed by Jessica Swanson, Steve Hicks, Robert Carson, Tyler Skay and Brody Fuson.

Prickett won the eight-lap heat race.

David Prickett, left, picked up a win in the Ocean Midgets main event on Friday night at Ocean Speedway. (contributed by M&M Photos)


MINI STOCK >> DJ Keldsen drove the Lloyd Keldsen Special to victory in the 15-lap Mini Stock main event.

Keldsen, who was the 2016 champion, was in second place early in the race behind Police N’ Pursuit regular Roy Iler.

On lap nine, Keldsen took the lead from Iler, while recent Merced winner Shawn DePriest followed into second.

Keldsen and DePriest exchanged the lead for two laps but Keldsen was back in front for good on lap 13.

Keldsen was the happy winner, followed by DePriest, Iler, Adam Sabedra, John Grilli, Kate Beardsley, Nicole Beardsley, Ryan McClelland, Bill Beardsley and Tony Gullo.

The eight-lap heat race wins went to DePriest and Keldsen.


SOUTH BAY DWARF CAR >> Shawn Jones won the 20-lap South Bay Dwarf Car main event.

Jones is a past champion with the group and he is also the reigning Hunt Wingless Spec Sprint champion.

Jones started back in seventh place but moved up to third by lap two as Mark Biscardi led Ryan Amlen.

Jones took second from Amlen on lap seven and put the moves on Biscardi to take the lead on lap 11.

Jones led the rest of the way with Biscardi not too far behind in second. Amlen settled for third, followed by reigning champion Gene "Punky" Pires, Eric Weisler, Eddy Claesson, Trafton Chandler and Barry Waddell.

Biscardi won the eight-lap heat race.


UP NEXT >> Next Friday, the Taco Bravo Sprint Cars return to action along with IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and Police N’ Pursuit events. For further information, go to www.racepmg.com.


Ocean Speedway Points Standings (as of June 21)

Taco Bravo Ocean Sprints

  1. James Ringo  — 1145
  2. Jeremy Chisum — 1145
  3. Kurt Nelson — 1124
  4. Koen Shaw — 1116
  5. Jason Chisum — 972


IMCA Modifieds

  1. Cody Burke — 184
  2. Austin Burke — 182
  3. Jim Pettit II — 173
  4. Anthony Copeland — 168
  5. Jeff Decker — 164


IMCA Sport Mods

  1. Adriane Frost — 209
  2. Jarrod Mounce  — 193
  3. Guy Ahlwardt — 192
  4. Austin Williams — 172
  5.  Max Baggett — 171


Hobby Stocks

  1. Rob Gallaher — 247
  2. Joe Gallaher — 223
  3. Wally Kennedy — 204
  4. DJ Keldsen — 164
  5. Nick Triolo — 153


Four Bangers

  1. Kate Beardsley — 446
  2. Nicole Beardsley — 445
  3. Bill Beardsley — 415
  4. John Grilli — 411
  5. Ryan McClelland — 405


Ocean Midgets

  1. David Prickett — 255
  2. Randi Pankratz — 227
  3. Jackson Dukes — 163
  4. Greg Edenholm — 157
  5. Jessica Swanson — 106


Police N’ Pursuit

  1. John Hohmann — 179
  2. Ron Iler — 169
  3. Cliff Sloma — 161
  4. Justin Rhodes — 161
  5. Steven Fernandes — 159


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