Salesian students work to protect ocean

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CORRALITOS — Students at Salesian Elementary and Junior High School have been busy this year working around campus and in the Life Lab with gardening efforts.

For the past two years, Salesian has been supported by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) through the Ocean Guardian School Program. Through this program, Salesian students work to protect the ocean and watershed through smart practices and projects that promote healthy ecosystems through the planting of native species, removal of invasive plant species, water conservation, erosion control, reuse of materials, and reducing waste in the garden environment.

Students helped expand their school orchard by planting 11 new fruit trees, collected 2,400 gallons of rainwater, and teamed up with the City of Monterey for a native tree planting in Quarry Park.

The pinnacle project of the year: students built a native plant demonstration garden to showcase the benefit of native plants in the landscape. Native plants promote biodiversity, create a habitat for birds and animals, conserve water, reduce carbon pollution, are low maintenance, require no pesticides/fertilizers, and fit into the larger landscape matrix.

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