Taylor Farms acquires Earthbound Farm

Taylor Farms, based in Salinas, acquired organic produce supplier Earthbound Farm last week. (Courtesy Taylor Farms)

SALINAS — On April 11, Taylor Farms of Salinas announced that it had closed a deal to purchase Earthbound Farm, the largest organic salads brand in the U.S.

The acquisition came just two years after the French multi-national food and beverage company Danone S.A. had taken ownership. Danone had purchased WhiteWave Foods, which had bought Earthbound Farm in 2013.

“Taylor Farms is pleased to announce the acquisition of Earthbound Farm from Danone, S.A., effective today,” a Taylor Farms spokesperson stated. “We are grateful for Danone’s stewardship of Earthbound Farm during the past two years, and for the opportunity to return ownership of this organic fresh produce leader to local roots and family ownership.”

Earthbound Farm has a long history in Monterey County. The company started up more than 30 years ago in Carmel Valley by Drew and Myra Goodman, who opened a roadside stand to sell their organic raspberries.

Gradually, the company expanded from berries to a number of other products, and eventually became the first company to successfully launch pre-washed, organic, packaged salad for retail sale. Demand grew, and so did the farm.

Taylor Farms is a still family-owned company; created by Bruce Taylor in 1995 in the heart of the Salinas Valley. The company currently ranks as the world’s largest processor of fresh-cut vegetables.

Taylor Farms declared that its purchase of Earthbound Farm will be way for both companies to expand and grow their reach.

“Earthbound Farm will join the Taylor Farms Retail Group and help lead growth in the dynamic organic fresh produce category,” the company’s spokesperson continued. “We will build on Earthbound Farm’s tradition of organic authenticity, new variety development and quality focus with expanded regional organic growing and processing capability to better serve Earthbound Farm’s customers and consumers across North America.”

For information visits taylorfarms.com or earthboundfarm.com.