Winter one-act plays at Aptos High

(Photo courtesy of Sydney Ghiglione)

Editor’s note: Sydney Ghiglione is an Aptos High School student serving as the publicity person for the school’s drama department.

APTOS — The ups and downs of dating are an extensive list that could go on for ages. The most significant down is the end — welcome to breakups.

Aptos High Drama Production presents three, incredible one-act plays that revolve around relationships, and most importantly, the end of them.

These productions are student directed and are sure to make you laugh. The drama department presents “9 Worst Breakups of All Time,” “Breaking Badly” and “Check Please.”

Katie has just been broken up with by Billy in the worst way, and she believes that it is the worst breakup of all time. But, along comes Eve with the nonprofit company, Relationships for a Better Tomorrow, to show Katie exactly the “9 Worst Breakups of All Time” throughout history, to really show her, her breakup wasn’t that tragic.

Lily is trying to find the best way to breakup with her boyfriend, but has no idea how.

With the help of a man working for the Breakup Center, Lily is shown many different methods of a successful breakup. Which breakup will she choose? You’ll have to find out with this short play, “Breaking Badly.”

Guy and Girl are facing the true horrors behind blind dates. As they go through each date, each one becoming more and more strange, you wonder if they will ever meet a normal person. From a guy in a Burlap sack, mimes, grandmothers, and a girl with a cat’s personality, will the dates ever end up going right for these two characters?

Come see these amazing performances at Aptos High School in their Performing Arts Center for a night of good times and lots of laughs. Don’t miss out, the only performances are Friday and Saturday in the Aptos High School Performing Arts Center at 100 Mariner Way in Aptos. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $5.


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