Movie Review: 'American Assassin' wastes Keaton, O'Brien performances

“American Assassin” does absolutely nothing new. That would be fine if it did any of the recycled action-thriller elements well but it doesn’t. The performances from Keaton and O’Brien make it enjoyable in spurts but I wish they had more to do than bicker with each other like a damn scene of “Friday Night Lights.”

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Watsonville mayor's update, Sept. 14

Watsonville mayor's update, Sept. 14, 2017

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Movie Review: 'It' transcends horror genre en route to box office success

Directed by Andy Muschietti (“Mama”), the second live-action adaptation of the beloved Stephen King book about a cosmic entity that terrorizes kids by disguising itself as a clown is a near perfect movie in several respects. It sinks its teeth into you with its gripping horror and keeps you laughing, smiling and engaged with its excellent script and top-notch cast.

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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12: Historic rail depot in sad state

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12, 2017

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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9: Some people give by going; some people go by giving

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9, 2017

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Johanna Miller: Fireworks irresponsible in summer heat

Last week, Watsonville experienced one of its hottest weekends on record. Temperatures reached 110 degrees at one point — practically unheard of for our region’s normally mild summer days. When things began to cool down slightly on Sunday, it seemed like most of us were breathing a collective sigh of relief.

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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 7: Woman’s Club thanks community

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 7, 2017

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On my mind, Aug. 26: Three big losses

It is with great sadness that I write about the passing of three important friends, who I believe played a huge role in shaping the fabric of Watsonville: Jim Rector, master home builder, Peggy Avalos, site manager at the Watsonville Senior Center through Community Bridges, and Lorraine Stucki, community activist and former Couch Distributing worker.

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