The history of Harlem, New York

On the third day of the trip my wife Sarah and I took recently to New York City, we left our hotel in the Financial District and caught the subway up to 125th Street to visit Harlem. The moment we hit the streets we got on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and walked east toward the East River. The streets were packed with all kinds of vendors, which added to the color and flair of the area.

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From the Valley of Fire to Vegas

Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada’s first state park. Sadly, the visitor’s center was closed by the time we arrived, so we were unable to learn more history about the location from local experts. But even the short couple of hours we spent in the park was enough to be overwhelmed by its beauty.

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Searching for a close encounter in Nevada

Road trips—especially in remote areas—have always been an attractive vacation for me. And earlier this month I was finally able to experience one that I’d been wanting to for years.

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A short trip to a beautiful place

Bejeweled by rocky, red-tinged peaks and numerous rocky spires that were forged by volcanoes and then uplifted by the shifting earth, Pinnacles is the country’s newest national park. Several California condors call it home.

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6 action-packed days in New York City

My wife Sarah and I just returned from a wild six-day journey to New York City to attend our son’s wedding ceremony. On top of the wedding, we wandered the city and took in a wealth of the history and famous spots, as well as simply getting lost in the endless maze of colorful neighborhoods thanks to their vast and complex subway system.

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